Our 2008 USA trip to Maryland travel blog

Our 2008 USA trip to Maryland

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this was one hell of a trip and glad you shared it with us... thanks! we're home! but it wasn't pretty, read our last entry...

on our just finished USA trip, we drove 11,861 miles -

we were gone 102 days
we did 26 different USA states
2 canadian provinces (ont - que)
6 national parks
several state/city parks
we drove 1572 miles in texas alone
went to and went in (if only for a second) all 5 of the great lakes and they were COLD!!!
went from sea to sea (pacific/atlantic) - ocean city, md for a week
saw some of our old friends, met MANY new friends
ate in dumps/dives and up-scale restaurants, same with campgrounds
was at barbara's moms 90th birthday, reason for our trip in the first place
went to the MDRF for two weekends in crownsville, md.
went country dancing at cancun cantina in md., and tombstones crystal palace, az.
spent thanksgivings with our adopted son & wife (luigi & rani) in florida
had lots of rain days and road construction
took over 7000 photos, of which many of you may have seen, good and bad ones!
since moving to califorina in 2004, we have done 6 USA trips of over 60 days, all over 8000+ miles, not to mention the week & weekenders around the western states and our desert trips - wow, what a retirement!

i have told most of you, our move here was because we only have a few good "young" years left and we are NOT going to "sit" them by... when we get too old to camp travel as we do, we'll do the cruise thingy - for those of you who do not like to travel abroad, we have spent over 40 years travelling the USA (some of it with three kids in a '70 VW camper) and still have not seen it all...

most of all, we've stopped to "smell" the roses and cactuses!!!

lotta gas
lotta money
lotta travelin'
lotta hikin'
lotta photoin'
lotta seein'
lotta braggin'
lotta FUN!


ps) don't forget the map out the window bit!!! lotta that too.

photo taken by a friend at the MDRF. (not bad for an old guy & gal, huh?)

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Dec 7/08
day 94 lunch in el paso,...
day 94 camp las cruces,...
day 95 mesilla, NM
day 96 las cruces NM
Dec 10/08
day 97 silver city, NM
day 97 lordsburg NM camp
Dec 11/08
day 98 benson, az
day 98 tombstone camp
Dec 12/08
day 99 sierra vista, az
day 99 bisbee, az
day 99 tombstone &...
day 100 tombstone...
day 101 wellton, az camp
day 102 home in a storm!
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