Alaska Team 2006 travel blog

Alaska Team 2006

Alaska Team 2006 travel blog
Welcome to the web site of the Alaska Team 2006! Here you will learn about our group, and enjoy a mission-team trip to Thailand with us. Our journey begins as we depart Fairbanks, Alaska on December 26, 2006. We will travel to several places within Thailand over a period of 25 days, and return to Alaska on January 19, 2007. You can check-out our photos, maps (click the selections below the map picture), and blog entries to keep up with our adventures, and you may also send us messages.
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Meet the Team!
Alaska Team Preparations
Alaska Team Departs
Flight #1: Fairbanks to...
One Day Lost
Flight #2: Anchorage to...
Flight #3: Taipei to...
Flight #4: Bangkok to...
Touring Chiang Mai
We Meet the President!
Happy New Year!
Drive to Mae Sot
Mission Work is FUN!
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