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Back in 1957 my two favorite Aunts Elizabeth and Annie Catherine sent me a Kodak Contact Print Outfit they had found on the beach after a Hurricane in North Carolina. It had a contact printer, three developing trays with tongs and nothing else. Box it came in was water logged but everything inside was in great shape.

I didn’t know what I needed to develop and make prints for a Boy Scout Merit Badge in Photography that I was going to try and get. Found that in our small town of Palatka, Florida we had a Photo Shop called Jack Massey Jewelers and Photo Supply. On a rainy afternoon in November 1957 I went in to the shop with my questions and met Mr. Jack Massey. The rest as they say is history.

After we figured out what I needed it came to more than I had money for. I told Mr. Massey that I would have to wait and come back when I had more money. He asked me if I had a job and I said yes - a Palatka Daily News Paper Route - made $.72 per day. He said “good enough for me” and told me to sign here and I charged what I needed.

Mr. Massey would become my mentor in Photography, as he owned the shop and give me more free advise than I made purchases from him. I was 12 at the time and I have known Mr. Massey for some 51 years, and each time I see him he still gives me tips. He is 93.

I started my Boy Scout Merit Badge in Photography and soon learned about Ansel Adams and his work. Never could afford a view camera like Ansel but loved photography all my life. We lost Ansel in 1984 and I never did get to meet him. Now I have Digital Cameras and would like to see some of what Ansel saw on his adventures.

This trip is dedicated to my friend and Mentor Mr. Jack Massey, still call him Mr. Massey, hard to change habits, when you are 12 you refer to Adults as Mr. or Mrs., don't think I could ever call him Jack.

Ansel, hope to see what you saw, and thank you for sharing with me in your books your knowledge and your amazing images of our earth.

Mr. Massey, thank you for your help and advice to a 12-year-old kid that turned a ten-minute first meeting into a lifetime hobby of enjoyment. I have tried to pass some of what you taught me on to my Daughter, who will graduate in May with a Degree in Graphic Design, still learning something new everyday.

I leave March 26th and will be on the road for five months. Hope to see some of the sites that Ansel saw in Yosemite. I'll try and take a few pictures to make you proud.

Mike Cooper
“The Kid”
Palm Coast, FL

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