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Brown Bears in Finland, Twins in Peak District

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Welcome to my trip journal! The journal, which I did for my "Round the World" trip earlier this year was fun to do and, downloaded, it's nice to keep, so I thought I might try another one for this trip. Trouble is, I don't know if I am going to have access to internet very often, either in Finland or Derbyshire, so it might not work out this time.

I leave here next Thursday, August 2nd. Again, as with the "Round the World" my flight from here is very early in the morning. I fly via Miami and Boston to Heathrow, arriving there at 6.30am Friday. It would have been a shorter and quicker journey to go directly from Miami to Heathrow, but that flight would only arrive at 9.30am, too late to connect to the start of my exciting short tour to Finland.

I was coming to England anyway to see everyone and take the twins on a week's holiday in The peak District, so when I saw the ad for this long weekend trip I couldn't resist. I am very excited about it, but I won't go into details now. I will save that for later!!

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Another early start
The start of the journey
The journey continues
Heathrow and onwards
The rest of the day
Another day in the Forest
Last day in Finland
At Debbie's
August 11th to 18th
August 18th/19th
The Journey Home
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