Lydia's United Kingom Adventure 2009-10 travel blog

Lydia's United Kingom Adventure 2009-10

Welcome to my United Kingdom (UK) trip journal!

It has been over a year in the making, but I am now attending gradschool in York, England.

As I progress through the program I hope to post regularly pictures and videos of my experiences.

The journal provides an overview of where I will travel--the itinerary in the right side bar gives a detailed listing of the cities. There are also maps below showing my current and previous locations.

Thank you again for visiting and enjoy!

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The Countdown has begun
I have arrived :) !
Classes have Begun
Almost there...
It's Snowing!
An update on travels
An update on Israel
Newcastle, Edinburgh, St. Andrews and...
The 4th of July and Bath, England
Graduation 2011
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