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10 Nov 2006 by Pascal Jäggi
Re:  Hey Sonny

I have to say I'm impressed. I wish you all the best for the remaining time of your adventurous life (Life statistic sheet is just half full you man got a lot good times in front of you)

It was a ...  (more...)
9 Oct 2006 by Jules Fishman
Re:  Your Travels, Life Experiences, Revelations Etc

Sonny, I have been taking advantage of free internet at my friends Ivy League school (PENN). There are so many wankers here it is a joke!! Your website is really interesting mate, and some of the ...  (more...)
27 Sep 2006 by Simon Duff
Re:  yo sonny!

Alright sonny hows the form??? It's simon here (remember me and abdul from barcelona). Was checkin out the bullfight photos there! Notice you were in Dublin there, me and abdul were there last week. ...  (more...)
22 Sep 2006 by Diana Wick
Re:  music capital of Ireland

Regarding our conversation about Galway, besides the Cliffs of Moher and pubs, I was not sure if you knew that Galay is considered the music capital of Ireland (maybe you already knew that) - just ...  (more...)
14 Sep 2006 by Abdul Hassan

Hi sonny, abdul here-we met in barcelona in you finally got your care package and left barcelona?! Im back at home now but am leaving for uni 2moro and whilst doing a clearout i found your ...  (more...)
6 Aug 2006 by ron smith
Re:  life


Have intended to write but have been somewhat pre-occupied with health problems. I have really enjoyed your travels, the photo's and commintary.
You are living a dream many have but not the ...  (more...)
25 Jun 2006 by Winston Pereira
Re:  touching base!!

Hey Sonny this is your previous Land lord from Tobago Winston ,see you are still enjoying your travels. GOD Bless!! Looking forward to seeing you again someday.