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Jan 24, 2007 by Sherry & Gary Corle
Re:  Welcome Home

Hi Team
So glad you are safely home.
Will be looking forward to hearing all your stories and seeing the pictures of your misson trip. See you all soon! In Jesus Sherry & Gary
Jan 21, 2007 by Doug and Becky Ricci
Re:  arrival home

So happy to hear of your successful trip. Saw pictures at St. Paul. glad you are all well and finally home safe.
Jan 15, 2007 by donna rossi
Re:  illness

Hi Jocelyn, please let your team know that they i am praying for a speedy recovery to those who are ill - you are all in my prayers as you continue your journey! donna
Jan 10, 2007 by Amaya Spencer
Re:  Hello AK Team!!!!

I just had the opportunity to review your website "fully", and I feel as if I am on this missionary journey with you! This is wonderful!!! I am continually praying for you all, however we know that ...  (more...)
Jan 10, 2007 by Laurie Klein
Re:  Love to all

Hi team on the feild. I'm here praying for you at every rememberance of you, which is often. Down with the head cold junk in Jesus name Bud. Blessing of God's peace and love amongst you.
Jan 9, 2007 by Brittney Bolt
Re:  everyone

Hey everybody,
I just wanted to leave a message telling you all I am praying for you and wish I could be there. I know you well all have a wonderful and blessed time. I still can feel God's grace from ...  (more...)
Jan 9, 2007 by Melody Flynn
Re:  Team

Hello Team, This is Bethany's mom. I just wanted to let you know that you are in our prayers daily. May the Lord Bless you and keep you and make His Face Shine upon you for all to see, everywhere you ...  (more...)
Jan 9, 2007 by Sherry and Gary Corle
Re:  Still Praying For You All!

Hi All
Good to hear all is well.
Bethany today is Papa's birthday! We have almost -50 here this morning. Enjoy your basking in the sun and bring some home for us! We love you all and we are ...  (more...)
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