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14 Oct 2008 by val grace
Re:  hi

Hi Guys.
I have just opened your site after a few months. I was surprised you are both still travelling. Good for you. I bet you never want to come home. after 3 months in america it was so hard to ...  (more...)
6 Sep 2008 by Sandra Ayou
Re:  The best south America

Hello guys
Your photos are magnificent.
Very good trip !!!!
We wish you a good continuation .
We shall be in Thaillande , from September 12th till October 18th.

Tchao , see you
Sandra et Franck
2 Sep 2008 by Philip Wallbridge
Re:  Nothing and Everything

Hi guys

Ohhhhh, I've been a naughty boy not replying since June!

I started (another) new job at the end of June and have been busy ever since with Glastonbury (I'm no longer a Glasto virgin!) and ...  (more...)
6 Aug 2008 by Alan Lamb
Re:  Hi

Hope you are both well and enjoying yourselves.... How are you enjoying NZ? its a place i always wanted to visit.

anyway do take care and be happy.....remember that you need(Tara) a hot bath or ...  (more...)
19 Jun 2008 by mom mayhew
Re:  big cats

Hi there u 2 , what would Holly say if she sees u two. will show her pic when next I see her... any how fabulous pic... the animals look so loving.. I wish I'll be able to hold one some time,, i'm of ...  (more...)
29 May 2008 by Philip Wallbridge
Re:  Everything and Nothing

Hi guys

Think I got an e-mail from you a few weeks (or more likely months) ago which i've failed to loose. Any road, wow!!! You're still going in South America. V.jealous! Sounds wicked, but I'm ...  (more...)
26 May 2008 by jonny bravo
Re:  x

Guys how are you?? We miss you
27 Apr 2008 by garssi Franck
Re:  hello !

Hello Friends!! your photo in Machu Pichu are splendid !!!!
We werew in Colombia to region del cafe, popayan and tierradentro and that was wonderfull !
Now, we are to Otovalo and are going to france ...  (more...)
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