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Nov 7, 2019 by Greg and Barbara Jones
Re:  Sequim

So you're back in my home state - looks very quiet and peaceful. I watch a house her in Tucson for a couple who have a summer home in Sequim. Your pictures gave me an idea of what's it's all about.
Jul 4, 2019 by Susie Gerringer
Re:  Trip to Burlington

Hey, let me know when they are coming, we are going to PA the 1st weekend in August.
We will be there from 8/2/19 - 8/10 or 12/19. would love to see u guys. Hope u have
a great 4th. love to all!!
Jul 3, 2019 by Susie Gerringer
Re:  Great pictures

Hey guys, looks like u had a great time with Kim. Loved all the pictures,
maybe some day I will get to see it in person. Jerry how are u doing, no more
spells or small strokes. I am okay, having ...  (more...)
Jun 11, 2019 by John Plovich
Re:  Your pictures

Enjoy your pictures. We have been to many of the same places but enjoy
Seeing them from some one else’s view and T 81 don’t
Get to go as much anymore.
Thank you
Jun 2, 2019 by Greg Jones
Re:  Your Travels

You guys are the Energizer bunny rabbit - still going strong. Just wanted to update you...we purchased a small travel trailer after three years of having none for short trips - pretty much back to ...  (more...)
Dec 28, 2018 by Linda Hingst
Re:  Place you might like to check out

I enjoy reading your journal and have followed it for a long time. You have and are in an area of TX I gre up in and around. Enjoyed your view of South Padre and the Rio Grande Valley. Now at Mustang ...  (more...)
Nov 3, 2018 by Greg and Barbara Jones
Re:  Retama

Hey guys - you finally made it to Retama. The coach house you took the picture of on the double lot was ours! Can't believe it'll be three years in January that we left. If you're ever in Tucson again ...  (more...)
Oct 24, 2018 by June Wonder
Re:  South Padre

Still enjoying your journal! We're planning to visit that area next year, any recommendations on RV parks? Keep on enjoying yourselves!
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