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Feb 23, 2010 by Stacey Forbes-Ireland
Re:  you are welcome

Hey Frank, It was great to catch up, sorry the house is always so hectic. That's what happens when you have children. I haven't started the Wasjig yet, but I will be sure to send you pics of the ...  (more...)
Feb 21, 2010 by Roger Vella
Re:  Postcards-Bora Bora

Thank you for the beautiful postcards from Bora Bora. Keep them coming!
This message is getting to you from my phone, to Suzy, then through Suzy's computer, and then fro you to receive on the ...  (more...)
Jan 28, 2010 by jeanette rowe
Re:  the rowes in Oz

hi frank, remember us we shared a steak with you at a nice little campsite in somewherehihi! Haven't got my diary nearby. Very entertaining reading sounds as if you have really 'done' NZ. Shame about ...  (more...)
Dec 28, 2009 by Susan Wells
Re:  Allan Heck

I'm giving you the link to a web site where there is a blog of sorts showing his progress. You can post comments as a guest. I'll also post a comment from you today as well!! The web site is ...  (more...)
Dec 10, 2009 by Mark Suszczynski
Re:  roger

Hi this is mark rogers friend we are here together looking at your blogs. Great itinerary. have a great time. heading to roatan to do some diving for the month of Jan. Nothing like warm water diving. ...  (more...)
Dec 4, 2009 by Theresa Howe
Re:  Happy Birthday and Frohm Family matters

Hi Frank, I just checked in and realize I have missed a lot of postings! I am glad things are going well so far. I think of you often and as always pray for the best for you in all matters. I wish you ...  (more...)
Dec 3, 2009 by Robyn Jarvis
Re:  checking in

Hello my friend. Hope this finds you doing well and enjoying your dream. I ask Vickie to give me your link so I could stay in touch and travel the world with you.. So how is it so far.. Where were you ...  (more...)
Nov 29, 2009 by zoran psenicnik
Re:  trip journal

Hi Frank,
we miss you. It sounds you are having awsome time. Just in case there is no turkey in Morea I had some extra helpings for you. Stay safe my friend!
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