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Feb 22, 2006 by michael grover
Re:  say hi

hey there sara. well i feel kind of sad cause all the others are sitting in the labs with an email from u and i don't boo hoo. just kidding i know i haven't been very good at emailing either. so now u ...  (more...)
Oct 30, 2005 by Sarah Havard
Re:  Just to say hi!!

Hi Sara.
What a brilliant website!! It was really cool to see what you've been up to since you left and to see your family and home country!! Things are not as adventurous here i'm afraid....exams, ...  (more...)
Oct 28, 2005 by Trent McGinty
Re:  new e-mail address

Cool pics chica! Thought I would write and give you the priviledge of being one of the first people on earth to be privey to my new e-mail address. Also, let me know when Matteo and Ravi get back to ...  (more...)
Oct 23, 2005 by Stan Schuett
Re:  south africa

Read your journal and just wanted to say you are a very talented writer, best trip report I have seen on mytripjournal. I'm sure you will travel more in the future, keep writing about it!

Oct 11, 2005 by Uncle Bill Dinsmore
Re:  Your final report

Sara, your Uncle Bill couldn't be more proud of you, you've done such a wonderful job on this. It'll give you so many fine moments of nostalgic pleasure when you are my age, sitting alone on your ...  (more...)
Oct 11, 2005 by Ernie Golwitzer
Re:  Wedding Pictures

Linda and I would love to see a few pictures from the wedding to include mom and dad.
Sep 14, 2005 by Ernie Golwitzer
Re:  End of a Journey


It has been a pleasure traveling with you this past year. I couldn't have been more proud of you. The fact you made it home save and sound is a great accomplisment. I know there is a wedding ...  (more...)
Sep 5, 2005 by Momma dedie
Re:  san fransisco, here I come.........

Hi skimpy doooooo.......see you in san fransisco tomarrow night. It's been an eventful labor day weekend here, but all is well. we will see you soon. love mom
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