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Feb 6, 2006 by Lynda Procter

This follows my last e-mail in October, so pleased to hear the wonderful news of a BABY Dodds. Congratulations to you both. Roll on August 06, So technically now you have completed your challenge that ...  (more...)
Dec 15, 2005 by Rodger (wodger the cabin boy) Nefkens
Re:  How's life

He Dodds,

Here's Roger the dutchie you met on the whitsundays trip! How's life now missing the traveling I know I'm. I'm started uni again live in amsterdam so things are going pretty good, still ...  (more...)
Oct 12, 2005 by Lynda Procter


It was wonderful to see you, just to wish you both all the luck in the world in your New Orleans Life. Maybe you can both relax now!!!! ...doubtful as you have done so much in 7 ...  (more...)
Aug 23, 2005 by Robbie Roberts
Re:  Travels

I hope you found Iguazu Falls was as spectacular as We cracked them up to be. Where now ??? we seem to have run off the itinerary.No doubt you'll give us a ring if you make it back to the Garden of ...  (more...)
Aug 21, 2005 by clare & Tracey bacchus
Re:  The home straight

Guys Guys guys.............. so the end becons, but what a trip! The photos are amazing and the write ups entertaining to say the least! Does it still mean we will have to sit through a slide show ...  (more...)
Aug 15, 2005 by Alicia Sells
Re:  NY

Still "peru"sing your wonderful website...okay, corny joke, but you've made some too! Just got down looking at the Lima stuff, amazing! Be sure to get in touch when you get to NY, are you planning to ...  (more...)
Aug 15, 2005 by Jen Milne
Re:  The trip of a lifetime

Hi guys,

Cant believe how far you've gone since last seeing you. You'll be glad to know that I only have to work another 29 days here in Bowen picking tomatoes to get my visa extension. I'm counting ...  (more...)
Jul 29, 2005 by Alicia Sells
Re:  Travels

So, I am now sifting through all these amazing stories and pictures! Though I didn't get this link until recently I am slowly catching-up to where you are now. I am so proud and impressed with ...  (more...)
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