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Everything but the screen house!

I got here yesterday late afternoon after a day of driving down past Tampa, Fort Myers, Naples, and east on the Tamiami Trail (route 41). It was actually good to see the canal and white birds and even alligators sunning themselves in the sun. They needed the sun this cood day!

This morning I finagled Miss Daisy into the spot to get the most living area in my narrow space. The campground is laid out in pods, where everyone is facing the circular road. So, the front yard is narrow but the back yard gets quite wide. Last year they upgraded the electric posts for many site and this year they inserted yellow posts in front of the facilities to protect them. But that made it trickier to back into the site and get close enough to the posts to still be able to extend the slide. I spent almost an hour going back and forth until I got as close to them as possible, giving me the most space possible when I walk out of the doorway into my yard.

This afternoon I talked with two couples who I had met and made friends with last year. Yesterday afternoon, I talked with the first couple I had met - they're from Canada. There are two other couples who will be back for the winter, expected the middle of December. It does feel good to have a family of campers to see every year. I am also happy to be around my best friends who live in this big, warm city.

I am very grateful for the spectacular journey I've taken over this past year. I'm thankful for being able to make new friends, for seeing old friends, for reunions with family members I haven't seen for a long time. I got to see many of God's creations and was absolutely awed with the natural and manmade wonders I beheld.

I will be ready for next year's adventures after a few months of down time where the weather is warm and the people are friendly. I am blessed and am grateful to all you who have read my journals and viewed my attempt at capturing the sights I have seen. I thank all of you for helping me to make it all year while I was on my own and alone. Because I knew that people were keeping track of me and my whereabouts, I have been alone but not always lonely. My confidence, strength, and self esteem have grown over the past year as wel. I thank you all and I thank our creator and saviour.

Happy Thanksgiving, dear friends!

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