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first hotel in Bangkok

Big Budda at golden mountain

golden mountain temple

The view from the top of golden mountain

diamond Budda

sippin buckets on Koh san Road

the best shirt in Thailand

Crazy Koh San Road


Hell yeah! After two months of being apart, and the longest day either of us have ever spent waiting to see eachother, I picked Matt up at Bangkok International to start our crazy Asian adventures together!

First day in Bangkok, we took a tuk-tuk tour around the city and took in the craziness that has led us to rename this capital as "the city where anything goes"...stayed on legendary Khao San Road, where thousands of travelers from around the world congregate to either start or finish their trip...

Spent one of the nights perched on a stool on Khao San, introducing Matt to Samsong Whiskey and redbull buckets, eating 50 cent pad thai noodles as the freaks of the world paraded past us...Khao San has definetly got to be one of the best people watching streets in the entire world...ran into Captain Jack Sparrow, "yarr matey" and learned how many uses a ping pong ball has here in Thailand...

Spent another day doing a little shopping at the huge MBK shopping center...took the sky train there, and then got absolutely lost in the 8 story mall, filled with everything from electronics, to underwear to giant, useless zippo lighters, to fake board shorts that fit a lot smaller than they look (sorry Matt, those don't even fit me!)...

After staying in Bangkok for 2 nights, we decided that that was more than enough, and made plans to meet up with Jen's parents on Koh Chang for a little R&R...

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