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We're in Buenos Aires!!! (the dazed looks are 'cos we just arrived!)...

The Casa Rosada again - Evita energised the crowds from that balcony...

A pretty museum

Da liked the spiky bridge :)

A pretty park on the way to the cemetry

An impressive tree in the pretty park

The entry to the cemetry

Fish's Argentinian cousin! (in the famous cemetry where Evita, and thousands of...

The cemetry again - a city of tombs

One of the tombs!

Looking for Evita's tomb...

... found it!

Evita & family

Lots and lots of dead people (& Da)!

Don't think he likes this one!

on our way out...

...just as soon as we can find the exit...

The exit - and Fish's cousin again :)

More at the statues at the exit

Very wide streets!

The obelisk

Yum yum yum!!!

Learning to tango!

Tango's tricky you know! (Nick & Lesley in the backgound)

Us tangoing!

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Can't believe we're finally here!! Buenos Aires isn't what we expected - not sure what we expected, but it wasn't rain(!), HUGE roads (14 lanes!), a kind of London-ish feel in the posh bits, and people having an under-blanket orgy on the street at 11am(?!). The city's huge, and we've walked till our legs couldn't walk any more (but could still tango!) - but we loved the cemetry (which is a mini but very ornate city of tombs), the tango lessons, the friendly people, the siestas(!), and the late night eating. We did not love the rain(!), and it's an exhausting city, so we decided to go to Uruguay (LOVE being able to wake up and decide to hop across to a different country!!)

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