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Asia, Asia, Asia. The sights, the smog, the funny bowing guestures and the smell. Yes the smell. Reaching up out of the gutter and hitting you full on in the back of the throat. Like raw sewerage mixed with cabbage.

Our flight was delayed in Perth by over an hour and the duty free grog just would not fit into our bags. Flew Thai airways and cannot say enough about the service. I do not understand why Thais are so small because we got fed tons. It seemed like every five minutes someone would pop up next to us and put a bread roll or plate of fruit in front of you. Then came the hot towels at regular intervals and the drinks whenever you wished. We got into Phuket at about 0630 (0730 Perth Time). and had an hour layover before the next flight to Bangkok. I don't care what you say, the most pure example of Thailands OH&S policy was seen when as we land thier are crazy little people in blue playing golf next to the airstrip. I don't mean behind the chain lik fence, I mean actually next to the runway. If they played golf like Trav and I the casualties from aircrashes would be huge. Nice slice Mr Beasely.

Thanks to Kirst, we persisted trying to find bus no 29 on the main highway. Welet the first one go past and hopped on the second one. Tips for new players. I wish now I had little card with certain Thai sayings on them.

We got on the bus and the conductor was a stout little woman with a metal roll type thing that dispensed tickets and change. Quite fascinating at how deft she was with it.

We got given assistance by a Thai guy when we wre trying to work out exactly where the hell we were. Another young Thai couple actually walked us from the bust stop most of the way to the hotel.

The hotel. The Novotel Bangkok and Novotel Lotus are two different hotels. We were not told this. The Novotel Bangkok kindly phoned the Lotus and enquired about our reservation. The Lotus denied ever even hearing about us.

The phonecall. Flight Centre has an emergency number. I am yet to work out the purpose of this. I think it is similar to Crime Stoppers at home where you dob in a dickhead and hope for the best. If anyone goes to Flight Centre Rockingham, ask Helen if she knows what it is like to search for a Hotel on New Years Eve, in Bangkok, with the worlds biggest backpacks and the equivalent of the mekong river running down your ass crack because of the humidity.

Some fellow Aussies outside the hotel gave us some directions to The Sumhkvitt area and some hotels. We got on the Skytrain which surpasses most monorail systems I have seen and half of ther train systems. Very cheap, 51 cents each for two stops.

Off at Plohn Chit and it is hello Kirsty to the real asia. Not the tourist brochure fun smiling buddhist disco stuff we thought, but the narrow, uneven, smelly and crowded sidewalks with beggars, tuk tuks and the odd "original" Diesel shirt roadside market.

After the first place said "no room" we turned on and kept going and tried to find a place to stay. Never take this piss out of asians trying to navigate Australia until you have successfully navigated Asia. With no idea of where we were, sore legs, tired bodies and a massive dose of exhaust induced sinusitis we finally found a place to stay. well above our forecast at $58 a night but decent enough.

Covered in sweat (how unusual), hot and tired the porter was a god send when he offered to carry our packs up to the room. I tipped him about 50 baht which he seemed pretty happy with and we had a shower and a rest. Great dinner accross the road at a little Thai restaurant made of teak wood, open aired with great service.

We pigged out and drank dodgy cocktails and only payed $23 total.

A bit of a walk around the markets and we were going home.

Dropped in the seven 11 and picked up two 750's of beer, 2 Bacardi Bruisers and a packet of chips for the bargain price of $7.

Off to bed and I hope you guys had a great new years eve. We did not hear a thing excepth the slowing fading sounds of some bad asian country and western music as we went ot sleep.

Well hope you are all safe, will write again soon.

Love and Hugs

Mickeypoos and Maggoty

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