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May 2.

After many conversations and van searches we at last settled on an RV to be our home for the next 6 months. We had options on how to pay and decided on a full rental rather than a buy/buy back option from a dealer in upstate New York. This way any repairs would be on the dealer rather than us.

The van is a Ford Cavalier powered by a V10 E350 motor. It has all the comforts we need, an easy access double bed over the cabin, a couch that folds out as a double bed, a dining booth, a compact and usable toilet/shower area and a well equipped kitchen. We have AC for hot days and a heater for the cold plus storage for clothes and other essentials.

We collected the van and will load tomorrow (Tuesday). Unknown if we will head somewhere close by or wait until Wednesday to head into Maine. There's some concern about heading out in the RV. Will we remember everything we were shown? What will we do if something breaks? How do we secure our laptops and other valuables when not in the van?

The other thing is working out what to bring and what to leave behind and will what we bring be enough. The first few little trips will be good practice in packing and making errors so we know what to bring and do on the long trip.

The drive from the dealer back to Amy's was a good introduction in driving and getting use to the size & feel of the van. We also had a slight fear going under our first bridge, not sure if it would fit and waiting for the roof to come off. We managed this successfully and avoided hitting any other vehicles. Back at Amy's we had the feeling that "This is for real now". Nothing to do now except pack and get on the road.

This IS for real now...our adventure has begun.

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