Roots-Reconnecting with Our Past travel blog

The pilot, navigator, and social director

President of truck hiking, CFO

August 31 will begin another Road Tripping Adventure! Our Caravan (Bill-the pilot, Anita-the navigator, and Enya-the social director and Kenny-the president of truck hikers LLC, Jenni-the CFO of truck hikers LLC, Maddie- the parliamentarian , and Amos- the court jester) will stop in South Carolina for a night on the outbound journey so that the navigators of the selected vehicles do not do boldly harm to the pilots. We will be spending 5 nights in VA at Buggs Island ( when it is named that, one has but to wonder!). Kenny will be reconnecting with his roots at a large family reunion, while the rest of us will be sightseeing and eating our way through northern NC. On the 6th of September, we will part company and Kenny's crew will wing (not unlike a jet or rocket) their way back to Florida to participate in that archaic custom known as work. Bill's crew will move north to retrace Anita's roots in northwest NY. We will be visiting Corning, Niagara, Canada, and of course Cooperstown in the process. Join us in our daily adventures and see if Bill manages to survive yet another period of cockpit time locked up with the navigator. It promises to be a nail biter!!

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