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Caught a bus from Brisbane to Port Stephens (about 3 hours)and headed for a place called Nelson Bay. The intention was to stay the night and then continue up to Port McQuarrie (another 6 hours) before going on to Surfers Paradise to meet the Torquay boys. Arriving in Nelson though, I soon changed my plan.

Nelson Bay is a fantastic place. Clear blue skies, long sandy beaches and water calm enough for whale watching on the south side and crashing surf up to 3 metres high on the north. I was staying in a cabin at Melaleuca Surfside Backpackers located in the national park. The area is a haven for koalas and at night they all come out to play - well shag actually and they grunt like little pigs - after spending all day getting stoned on eucalyptus leaves and falling asleep. It's a tough life being a koala bear!

Anyway it is here - at Anna Bay (pic above) - that I learned to surf. Oh yes indeed. Took a lesson with Wazza, Anna Bay's resident surf dude, and so enjoyed getting smashed up, cut and bruised that I hired the stuff the next day and did it all over again.

So 3 nights here with the surfers and koalas. I booked a cheap flight from Newcastle straight to Brisbane and off I flew to meet up with Gaddy & the boys.


1. Yes it's a Steve Irwin shirt. Made from real Steve Irwin.

2. They don't serve Fosters over here. It's shit so they send it to England.

3. Kangaroos are hard to get close to but I'll do my best. Maybe I could get in one's pouch!

4. I do have tickets for the 4 tests I'm going to and a spare ticket for one day at the one I'm not! It's in Perth. Day 4. You can have it. Go on .. you know you want to!

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