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Luxurious accommodation at Mt Sinai

The dusty sunrise

Walking back down the valley

Looking out at the dusty sunrise

We left Cairo in a dust storm, passing under the Suez canal making our way to the Sinai region. The truck was quite empty with onl;y 6 of us on board. We meet up with 5 others who have already made their way down to Dahab on the red sea.

After dinner we climbed Mount Sinai (with 20 odd people on another truck tour) in the dark. Mount sinai is supposedly (although still hotly disputed) where Moses received the 10 Commandments. It was a pretty easy trek apart from the last 300m which was a steep ascend of about 700 steps. However we blitzed everyone else and were the first to arrive at the top. With our inside information we headed for what was to be our bed for the night - the roof of an old building - where we set up our sleeping mats and sleeping bags and duly camped under the stars. We did start to worry though when there were a few rain drops in the air but luckily the rain held off and we managed to get a couple of minutes sleep (literally) before the sun came up. This was the reason why you climb late at night - to be in pole position for the sunrise shots - beating all the tourist buses arriving from Sharm.

Well we woke up at 5am to lots of German and Russian voices ( the buases from Sharm had arrived) and waited for the sun to rise and waited a bit more. The through the mist which turned out to be a dust storm we saw a faint circle - not the spectacular colours we were expecting - oh well suppose we can always buy a post card. So we promptly made our way back down the 'steps of repentence' - shoulder barging the slow Japanese toursist out of the way in the process. The walk down was quite spectacular however and we had the track almost to ourselves (with most of the other tourists taking the easier routes or camel rides back down) and we had great views of St Catherines Monastery at the bottom (the home of a burning bush - which is quite famous apparently).

Next stop the beach for a bit of well earned R & R and a spot of diving..........................

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