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After a huge sleep and an 'interesting' breakfast (everything served out of plastic plates/spoons,knives etc..even kornflakes tasted like plastic)we headed off to Disneyland.Cold day.TV News full of the un-seasonally cold weather LA was experiencing at the mo.Snow on hills behind LA.Unbelievable first volcanoes snow and cold temps in California!But popped on sweatshirts and jackets and enjoyed a lovely walk down the road to Disney.Immaculate gardens.No rubbish.

Fantastic day.Favourite rides-Star Tours,Utopia cars(cute ride where kids get to drive little racing cars),Space Mountain,Buzz light year,hunder Mt Railroad,Pirates of the Carribean.Also loved cute rides -Spinning Tea-cups,Small World-spotted NZ doll..bit of an afro thing happening there.Brilliant thing today was... no ques!!Amazing!Guess it was a little cold for americans and half the tourists were still stuck in Europe.Over to California Park(right next-door to Disney)for some serious roller-coasters.'Californian Scream'' has to be the best and scariest ride ever-lachie said dad used some colourful language whilst mum nearly died.Another great ride was the Grizzly River Run.A white water rafting adventure.Soo much fun but oh so wet!Headed back to hotel to get changed and have dinner then back to Disneyland.Really beautiful and magical at night.Disney museum-interesting story of Walter and Disneyland.Pretty cool how it all came about.Had a whizz on astro orbitor while waiting for fireworks display.Cancelled due to wind.Try again Sat.Home tired but everyone buzzing after a fantastic day!

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