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We rented a car, at a bargain after Labor Day price, and drove ourselves to the airport. Traffic was heavy, but we ended up at the gate plenty early, because we were told to go through the TSA pre-check line that people buy special passes for. We don't know why we were singled out for such a privilege; perhaps because we are old, but we put the bags on the conveyor belt without opening them and walked through- no shoes off, no liquids in the zip lock bag, no belt off, no taking the laptop out of the bag. We felt much more like humans than cattle. No wonder there is no line in that part of the TSA domain.

From the rental car shuttle to the check-in counter, people kept trying to help me with my luggage. "Why is everyone so nice?" I wondered. Then a possible explanation dawned on me. If you look like an old lady, people are more likely to offer assistance. I guess it's good I don't feel as old as I look!

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