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Entering Utah via Highwayts6 which runs from California to Massachusetts

Our kind of "highway" the road less traveled

We couldn't resist....Dennis Bim?!?!

Just before we arrived in Torrey, Utah we were greeted with this...

Our RV backed up to some of the beautiful red rocks of...


Campfires every night are a must

Welcome to Capitol Reef National Park which became a National Park in...

One of the many beautiful sights within the National Park

View from Sunset Point

Hiking to Hickman Natural Bridge....a 450 foot elevation climb!

After a 1.2 mile hike we were treated to Hickman Natural Bridge

Another view of Hickman Natural Bridge, very reminiscent of Rainbow Bridge at...

....and of course the requisite selfie at Hickman Natural Bridge (thanks Lisa...

Male Bighorn Sheep at the entrance to the hike

We only caught a glimpse of these two, there were probably more...

Cohab Canyon hike began with a 500 foot elevation gain along these...

Hiking inside Cohab Canyon

One of the interesting rock formations within Cohab Canyon

View of Gifford House and barn from the top of the switchback...

View of Fruita Campground from Cohab Canyon hiking trail

Historic Gifford House, site of first settlers to Capitol Reef area

Restored Gifford House barn

Petroglyphs near Fruita

Petroglyphs that date back to 600-1300 CE

RV at Capitol Reef National Park Campground

Mule deer buck near our campsite

Mule deer in nearby field in the campground

Mule deer jumping one of the fences

Camper van from Europe that was camped across from us.....they've been all...

Our last morning in Capitol Reef National Park....breathtaking!

Greetings from Capitol Reef National Park! We have now visited every National Park in Utah and their motto, “Utah Rocks” is very apropos! We love the red rocks of the parks in Utah and all they have to offer. After a wonderful stay in Bishop we drove to Ely, Nevada, which was just an overnight stop on our way to our campground near Capitol Reef. We stayed three nights at Thousand Lakes RV Park in Torrey, Utah. Again, highly recommended for our fellow RV’ers; the spots are well maintained, there is grass for the dogs, a pool but the main reason to recommend it is that the staff and owners are super friendly. We spent our days hiking the variety of trails in the park and two of our favorites were the Hickman Bridge and Cohab Canyon hikes. Hickman Bridge is a natural bridge deep in a canyon that was challenging but extremely doable. The bridge was very reminiscent of Rainbow Bridge at Lake Powell. We saw beautiful birds, lots of lizards and bighorn sheep. The Cohab Canyon hike also was challenging but well worth the effort when we were rewarded with expansive views of the Fruita area of the park. This was, and still is, full of apple, pear and peach orchards where you can pick your own fruit. One of the last remaining homes of the 10 families that used to inhabit the Fruita area is now open to the public. The Gifford House was extremely well preserved along with the barn. Both were adjacent to the Capitol Reef Fruita Campground. We had campfires each night at Thousand Lakes RV and on our final night, we splurged with s’mores. We also got up one of the nights to watch the Perseid Meteor Shower, what a show with up to 200 meteors streaking across the sky every hour.

We loved the area so much that we stayed an extra night and decided to move to the campground inside the National Park which was located adjacent to the historic Gifford house, one of the founding families of the Fruita area. We were treated to mule deer roaming the campground in the early morning and evening. There were no hook ups in this campground, which makes for very quiet evenings and early mornings.

Right now I am typing as we travel along the highway heading east to Colorado and beyond… is good!

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