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Coffee with magnificent presentation

A true Coffee House

A small but beautiful Wat

Sunday Walking Steet market

We can see the changes of the wonderful city each time we visit

The have spent the past few days back in Chiang Mai, a city that is both familar to us and very busy. The sights sounds and the people don't change, what is changing is the ever increasing amount of young Chinese tourists, there is no doubt that this city is on their hot spot list.

These few days we have spent time catching up with aquaintences and exploring parts of the city we have not yet seen despite our many visits and of course a foot massage or 3 (we are pacing ourselves. Speaking of a foot massage, we have on all three visits this week been to one of the Lila Thai massage centres where ex inmates are employed, providing quality massages and beauty services by trained staff giving dignity to women beginning new lives, a great cause.

Our hotel this trip is very much up market to where we are used to staying, but only because of a special deal from the hotel and the bargin hunter Mrs Wombat. The Ninetynine the gallery hotel has provided wonderful service with fantastic decor, magnificient breakfasts and a great swimming pool.

What is the appeal of this mini Bangkok as some call it... well its the Saturday and the Sunday walking street markets, we say each year we don't need to walk the Sunday market but its the atmosphere that gets you in. It is the food, there are so many good options and tonight was no exception. We took a trip down memory lane and re visited Cooking Love, a small quaint restraunt down a back Soi (lane), Lyn the owner of this restraunt rememberd us from last year and once more dazzled us with a magnificent meal, I had a Red Curry Pineapple Pork with wild rice and Mrs Wombat has the fried noodles with vegetables and egg, top it off with a large beer and a complimentary Mango and Sticky Rice that just blows your mind, to say we walked away full was an under statement. In the past 12 months we have noticed that there is a Craft Beer scene, this place is now becomming trendy.

We wandered the North Eastern section of the city today and came across a coffee shop that was just something special. Positioned under an old teak house was this wonderful coffee shop, we were the only ones there, the atmosphere the people, the service and the organic coffee just wanted to make us stay all day, (see the photos).

As usual I have bought the odd hand made leather goods and Mrs Wombat the usual pair of Elephant pants and the other odd items, its nice to just wander and where you see something special or unique you can chat with the vendor and strike up a bargin.

As we head off tomorrow to Bangkok we will once again have enjoyed our time here, the service we have received and the friendly people.

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