Kim and Gene's 2018 Jaunt to Nebraska travel blog


Sargent Water Tower

Sargent Community Center - treasure trove

Community Center interior

Sargent House Sale

Glass Store - Sargent

Glass Store 2

Glass Store 3

Beau's typewriter

Portable typewriter

Portable typewriter 2

Hitchcock and holiday napkins

Shiny Brite ornaments

Lefton bell and Snoopy glass

Barn sale - Sargent

Corner lot sale - Sargent


Fred and Barney

Bronco mug and Cookbooks

Cartoon glasses

G I Joe lunchbox

Ord city limits

Ord house sale

Ord - Roseville collection

Nena and Gene

Gene's new friends - the Junk Girls

Raspberry Kolache

Beets and Peanut Butter Cookies

The Hub ice cream parlor in Burwell

Ice cream menu

Homemade Ice Cream

Blueberry Kolache

Boelus mural

Gold Nugget Bar and Grill


Menu inside


Chicken Fried Steak

Filet Mignon with mushrooms

Keep on Pickin'

Write On?

Say what?

Say what? #2


John Deere was heere

A Spook?

Wine selection

It is too techincal!


We were up at the crack of dawn, raring to go in more ways than one. Note to self: Do not eat Runza’s the day before a big shopping excursion unless you want to find out first hand, why they call them “Runza’s.” I spent the morning on the “runza” from one ladies room to the next!

Shopping Summary

First, we drove over an hour to Sargent, the early bird central for the Junk Jaunt. We visited the community center, several private sales and a glassware store where the owner has curated a collection of glass not unlike a museum. It is incredible for such a small town to have such a display. Our son Beau has been looking for a large old typewriter to decorate his home office – SCORE! We not only found one, it was a GREAT ONE for $5!!!!! When the couple running the sale sold us the first typewriter, they asked us to look at two midcentury Smith-Corona portable typewriters in carrying cases with all original paperwork. SCORE!!!!SCORE!!!! We bought them both for $10 – they sell for a minimum of $100 each. I might keep one to write my life story that they would publish as a novel because no one would believe that it is true. We purchased over 100 items today and spent $200. Best purchases were the typewriters and a PYREX FLAMEWARE Stovetop Percolator. The most unusual purchase was the complete set of Alfred Hitchcock movies – VHS format – from the Sargent Library.


We met some interesting people today. We met Nena from, her husband and her sister at a garage sale in Sargent. Nena is from Albuquerque. Gene wore a name tag that said “HELLO MY NAME IS GENE” so that our Etsy friends could find us and introduce themselves and Nena’s husband spotted him. All day long everyone said, “Hi Gene!” Several asked, “Where have you been, Gene?” It was a great conversation starter. One guy whose name was also Gene gave him a discount. Then, we met 4 ladies who had custom made their own Junk Jaunt t-shirts – subtle, yet provocative, aren’t they?


If I fall into a diabetic coma, please sue Gene for buying 6 kolaches (blueberry, raspberry & poppy seed), homemade ice cream, peanut butter cookies, sugar cookies, chokecherry jelly, cinnamon pickles and pickled beets. We had dinner at the Gold Nugget Bar and Grill in Boelus, Nebraska, town population 188. Food was outrageously delicious – no fancy plate presentation, just a plate filled with DELICIOUSNESS. I had Chicken Fried Steak (hand battered), Baked Potato, fresh baked bread and the salad bar and Gene had filet mignon with grilled mushroom, baked potato, fresh baked bread and the salad bar. It was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good! Our total dinner bill - $30.

Just for Fun

Check out the Keep on Pickin’ van. The next truck had a license plate that said “Write On” – if the truck had been dusty, I would have fulfilled the request with a “wash me.” We saw the “Sale I back” sign in Sargent – can she please buy a consonant? It was supposed to be “IN BACK.” The next sign we saw in Sargent was “NO PARK ON HIWA” (highway). When I saw it, I told Gene to back up and get a picture. So he backed up on the HIWA and parked on the “HIWA” to snap the picture of the sign (BTW – not one car came by on the HIWA the whole time we were stopped). Tip for campers – if you want to avoid steaming up your windows when bathing, put the bathtub outside of the camper on the HIWA. When you live in the country, your life is filled with John Deere products, so naturally you spell “here” the same way as “Deere.” And, at the end of the day, you enjoy a nice cold BEERE. Why would anyone pick “A SPOOK” as their vanity license plate? And, forget having a chardonnay with your dinner – here you drink “chardoney” (does that rhyme with Tony?) or ZinFINdel if the Chardoney doesn’t suit you. Maybe I’ll just have a Tim Collins. And, last but not least, you can ask my hotel for some “techincal” support and get spell check!!!

Tomorrow: to Ravenna, Cairo and beyond . . . We are going to be looking for Connie!!!

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