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Swag much dirt, so many bugs, so little time...brutal!

Nancy, me, and the camel

Kata Tjuta from afar

Kata Tjuta a little closer

Kata Tjuta up close and personal

Me and Lynne at the end of our Kata Tjuta walk

Up early today (not a moment too soon) and rolled up our "swags." I was lucky as I had only chosen one excursion for the morning and had time to shower (which I needed) and grab breakfast before my camel ride. That's right, camels. They turned out to be really slow, relaxed animals. We rode for about an hour and learned a bit about Australian camel history from our guide. Returned to get on the bus for Ayers Rock. We got going about 10:30 but they didn't tell us to be prepared to wait to eat until we arrived in Yulara at 2:00! So, we all threw our stuff in our rooms, which looked like the Hilton after last night, and headed to the resort for lunch. Yulara is organized into a number of different accommodations (from cheap to pretty expensive) as it is the only resort of any kind close to the rock and the shopping areas and restaurants are right in the middle. Most folks went for the cheap food but Andrew, Simon, and myself treated ourselves to Gecko's Cafe. This was the best (freshest) meal I had had in weeks so it was really great. We finished lunch and headed back to our rooms to get ready for our afternoon hike to Kata Tjuta (The Olgas) which are a group of huge stones in the middle of nowhere. (Not to be confused with Uluru/Ayers Rock which is one huge stone in the middle of nowhere). It was a quick walk which was nice as it was quite hot and the flies abundant. Back to the resort where some of us went for a quick swim, I took a shower, and then enjoyed dinner which Lynne cooked for about eight of us. Relaxed and went to bed by 10:30.

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