2011 Triangle Tour travel blog

Rainy start from Boerne

Empty Cross in Kerrville

Stonehenge II in Ingram

Easter Island head in Ingram

Cowboy copper sculpture in Ingram

I10 in Hill Country

Downtown Junction

Deer Antler tree

Equinox is coated with road grime

Lum's BBQ in Junction

Mmmmmmm! Pulled pork

I10-Long and straight west of Junction

Winnie at a rest stop

More I10

Wild (?) goats along I10

Sunset on I10

The day started out rainy, the first of the trip. This part of Texas really needs it. The stretch of I10 from Boerne to Van Horn starts out hilly and winds up flat and desert scrub. I've included a bunch of pictures that give a flavor of the route. The ride across the state is really testing my ability to drive alone. Thank God for satellite radio because there are very few broadcast stations either AM or FM. I'm getting tired of talking to myself and the radio.

Our first detour of the day was to see the giant "Empty Cross" in Kerrville. It’s the pet project of Kerrville resident Max Greiner Jr., who sees it as the first of many identical crosses that he hopes to erect worldwide. Unlike other giant crosses, this one is a hollow outline and it's made of steel. It weighs 70 tons and is exactly 70 feet 7 inches tall. These numbers are significant to Greiner, who also says that God picked the hilltop location (which he says is halfway between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, resembles the Holy Land, and is on the same latitude as Israel). The neighbors weren't too pleased and made him build a fence to hide the cross.

We headed to Ingram to see Stonehenge II and the Easter Island heads. The Stonehenge replica is made of plaster and graphite-covered metal mesh and steel frameworks. More subtantial than Foamhenge (Presidents, Patriots, and Caverns), but nothing like the real Stonehenge. It was built in 1989 by a couple of Ingram residents. They added 2 13ft tall Easter Island heads.

From Ingram we drove on to Junction, to see the "Deer Horn Tree". Apparently Junction is a popular deer hunting destination. The folks decorate it at Christmas. Since it was lunch time, I stopped at a local BBQ restaurant, Lum's. The pulled pork, cole slaw, and potato salad were great. If you ever get to Junction, it's the place to eat.

We pulled into Van Horn, TX just after sundown. Time to go to bed.

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