Lidia&Allen SE Asia 2019 travel blog

Typical homes in the countryside

Something is up there

Coming to collect the sap

Ready for work

Lighting the fire

Collection can awaits

Soon the sap will run

The Sap

Lidia with the women staff at the EcoCenter

As we journey through more of the Cambodian countryside one can not ignore the poverty of the people. Not to mention the barren, often burnt, land with the ever present smoke wafting thru the air. And yet, when one can interact with the people they are friendly and a warm smile often surfaces. Amazing.

The collection of sap from the trees was an interesting procedure, and many, many trees bear the charred, deep holes into the heart of their trunks. The trees secrete the sap in response to the fire ignited within their core. The sap itself is used as a finishing varnish for furniture !

Next we venture further east to the Vulture Restaurant !

Ciao (or should I say chow) for now

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