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Black swams in Rotorua Lake




One of New Zealands best waterfalls - it looks like a mini...




Lake Taupo


Road trip Rotorua!

One of our many stops on our trip around Lake Taupo



On our drive we went through five climate changes in a few...


The entrance to the glowworm cave

How is that for a cross between natural and technology

Beautiful cave formations that are very large




These are glowworms in the dark

The stringy bits are what they look like from the side





Walking through the cave



Tara and her gang ready to be frozen!

They are going to flow down on those tubes through the darkness








More glowworms

We had a weekend free before our next farm visit and decided to go to Rotorua to explore the area. Rotorua has many volcanic springs and lakes and is near the volcano that was used as Mordor in Lord of the Rings. We hired a car and drove to Taupo, New Zealand’s largest lake via one of their most beautiful waterfalls. Unfortunately we got to the lookout past sun-down so crept in and gave ourselves a tour in the near darkness. We spent the night in Taupo and the next day drove to Waitomo so that Tara could go black water rafting in the Glowworm caves (she has been begging for 4 years now because you could only do this in New Zealand). I went on a trail tour of the cave which was quite spectacular with its modern lighting effects. Far below my tour was the river that Tara would flow down on her tube in the pitch darkness under the starry glowworms. I could hear her screams in the distance and my guide pointed out that was them falling over the waterfall!

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