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The Wells Fargo pig in Genesee

and, the newspaper's pig.

Gloria and Ed with one of the Hankey gravestones

Harold Hankey's old home

Emma Hankey's old home, Ed's Grandma

Mississippi River pushing at her banks

Valparaiso University Chapel

We left Davenport Friday morning for our trip across Illinois after doing the laundry and some house cleaning projects. We continue to have a few thunder storms around but not much rain during the day. High humidity from the rain but temperatures are down in the 80’s. We travelled on I-80, this interstate could use some repair to get rid of the rough ride in some areas.

A charming town, Genesee, IL, caught our attention for lunch. Driving thru, we discovered decorated pigs as part of the street charm, Judie took a coule pictures and we had a nice Chinese buffet. Nice break in our day.

We arrived in Joliet about 4pm to setup and rest before Sister Gloria arrived after she got off work. We had a nice night with Gloria catching up on happenings since our last visit in April. We went out for a quick dinner and then returned to the trailer to continue the visit. Gloria spent the night with us and we enjoyed visiting and planning for the weekend.

Gloria left Saturday after coffee and had some errands to run before returning home. After she did, we played computer catch-up and had breakfast before we went to the Clark’s for the day. We had a day of visiting with Brian, Suzanne, Goldie and Zoe, and of course Gloria. Brian invited John and Christine, good neighbors and friends, to share dinner and to meet us. Brian prepared special hamburgers on his charcoal bar-b-que for dinner. We all enjoyed a great dinner and discussions. We left the group about 8 pm to return to the trailer and get some rest before our big Sunday trip.

Sunday morning Gloria arrived about 9:30 am as planned and we took off on our day trip to North Judson, IN. Ed’s Mom was born and raised in North Judson and he still has Aunts, an Uncle and Cousins living there. After the 3 hour trip including breakfast and stops to try and buy Indiana berries, we arrived in North Judson. Our first visit was with Aunt Jean and Uncle Bob who now live in town after 61 years on a farm. Their son Larry and his wife Jody stopped by Jean and Bob’s for a visit with us. After a couple of hours of visiting and getting caught up on children and grandchildren, we went to visit Aunt Charlotte who lives around the corner. We had a nice visit with Char and again caught up with the happening of children and grandchildren.

After our visit we went to the cemeteries and found the Hankey and Lemke head stones! We took photo graphs of all the headstones while Gloria was getting bitten by the mosquitoes! We also went by the old Hankey home, where Goldie Hudson was born and raised. The final visit was to downtown North Judson to see how it was surviving before the trip back to the trailer.

We took an alternate route and got involved in a traffic jam in an Interstate construction zone that added about an hour to our trip back. All in all we had a great day and visits with the aunts and cousins. Monday we pack up and head to Michigan for a few days.

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