The view from our campsite

Zoom of deer across the river

We enjoyed the Elk Tacos much

Elk Tacos

We still have snow in the higher elevations

Some colorful blooms in the lower elevation

Awesome cabin near our campsite with snow falling in the higher elevation

Last one!

Jerry has been really sick with the same flu bug I had last week. We have been resting and relaxing, giving him time to recover. The campground we are staying in is the perfect place to relax.

We have the awesome sound of the rapid flowing Salmon River outside our windows. We have been watching the birds and deer in the high mountains across the river from our campsite. We even saw a Dipper in the river. A new bird for my bird list, he has the most unusual habits. He lands on the rocks in the river and then dives under the water and swims to catch the fish. I was amazed watching him with my binoculars and did not get a chance to photograph. You can search them on the Internet and see the pictures. It is an incredible bird to watch.

We did make it to town once for Elk Tacos, they were delicious. We have a couple of weeks left in the area. We are hoping to do some exploring soon. More later from Riggins.

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