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Danica, Tommy and Addi with Lee and I at Church

Killer Bee at the Hidalgo Fesitval of Lights



Tommy and Addi got flashing snowflakes

Grandpa and Grandma with Tommy
















Danica and Addi


We are on the Tram

Lee and I

Tommy Waiting for the Tram









Danica and the Kids

Tommy and Addi




Today we went to church at the St. Mark's Methodist Church in McAllen. The kids really surprised us when they did the Children's Talk and they just went right on up and then followed them out to Sunday School. The problem is the kids from church were practicing for the Christmas Play so the helpers had to find things to keep them occupied. It all went okay though.

After church we came home to change clothes and had some sandwiches for lunch. Then we headed toward McAllen to visit a few of the local thrift shops. Danica and I spent some time in the large Texas Thrift Store while Lee took the kids to the park to play. Danica and I had a good time at the Thrift Store shopping for bargains. She got quite a few nice things and so did I. Lee left us there a couple of hours and then he picked us up and we went to Jack In The Box for dinner. We tried to go to Chick Fil A but, as usual, we forgot it was Sunday and they aren't open.

We sat awhile and watched the crazy birds gathering on every line and every tree in the parking lot. The squawking is unbelievable as the sun starts to set. We've never seen this phenomena except here in the Rio Grand Valley and it is something to watch. We have no idea why the birds here gather every evening in swarms. They line all the lines all facing the same direction!

After dinner, we headed over to Hidalgo and the Festival of Lights. We love this festival and go at least once a year. We walked around awhile and then got tickets to ride the tram ride. The kids really liked that.

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