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Our first look at the falls on zim side

Victoria falls-Zim side

Victoria falls-Zim side

Victoria falls-Zim side

Victoria falls-Zim side

Victoria falls-Zim side,Soaked!!

Got up early this morning and found the campsite was finally drying out!!

Thebe river camping, dont recommend in rainy season,and we were happy to leave this place..... Didnt help that i (nancy) become first man down with dodgy belly, had to happen at some stage and thankfully only lasted one night, not good when you are staying in tent and toilets are what feels like miles away!!!

So we set off for our next border crossing feeling slightly nervous and were not sure what it was going to be like getting into zimbabwe... we walked upto main rode and got a ride on back of pickup truck again (with a couple of locals also hitching it is a normal way of getting around) they dropped us near the border and said it is just around the corner (we should of known just could mean anything.... it turned out 2.5kms......) needless to say i had slight sense of humour failure quite near to border post as i felt weak as hell from belly problems and no sleep the night before and it was about 32 degrees and my pack weight felt like someone had put a dead body in there..... then we start seeing elephant poop on the road and looking at a muddy puddle i see big cat prints... We start thinking hmmmm maybe this is not such a good idea.

We got to the border and they couldnt have been more friendly, all the worrying for nothing, or maybe they felt sorry for us we did look a state... when they asked how we got there and we said we walked the woman gasped and said are you not scared of animals, we said we had seen cat prints and she said, yes wild animals all around there (gulp).

So another border crossing down and rip off taxi ride to vic falls (but they get you again no other way of getting there) we arrived in vic falls to a huge thunder storm and thankfully the taxi driver ended up taking us to a great lodge well within our budget, clean room with bathroom and toilet (YEAH) you cannot believe how exciting that was after a few weeks of tenting....

When the rain stopped it was a stunning day and we got to see the Victoria falls, what a stunning sight we were so excited, took loads and loads of photos then probably for our own good, tony ran out of film and my camera battery went flat.

Our first impressions of Zimbabwe is a good one, people are much more friendly here despite the ordeals they are going through, when you go into shops to get food there is not much and what is there you pay loads for. Very sad.

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