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Long time no write. We hadn't heard from anyone, so we figured no one was listening. To much fun to be had if no one was reading. But, I am so glad to hear from you-all again. Glad you are all well.

We are spending Thanksgiving on the Gulf of Mexico by the beautiful clear blue sea. Decided to hole up hear for a few days over the holiday, and we are glad we did. We have done a LOT of stuff and seen a LOT of sights since we were up north, when I wrote last.

We traveled down the east coast and have totally enjoyed Charleston, Savannah, et.al. Been to plantations and got a taste of the south. Been to Tennessee, North and South Carolina. Stayed at an old friend's place on 8 acres in North Carolina and had fun reliving our relationship from back when I was 17! Was it that long ago?

We were at Kennedy Space Center and were awed by NASA; now that is a place not to miss. At our campground in Mims, Florida, we swan in the pool in the hot, hot sun, and we really loved it there, and wanted to stay for the winter. But, se moved on to the Big City, and visited my Dad near Ft. Lauderdale, in Coconut Creek. Florida has the most beautiful State Parks, and reserves these places for everyone to enjoy for years to come. The park we stayed at had Iguanas, and beautiful birds and turtles. Didn't see any aligators there. HOwever, a bad guy was robbing someone with his buddy. One guy got caught, but the other rain away. Poor guy jumped in one of the canals to hide and landed int he mouth of a nine foot alligator, who didn't eat him, just bit his head and killed him. They have to kill an alligator if they injure a human here in Florida. By my way of thinking, the animal saved the state a bunch of money, and they should have let him go.

We had a geat time visiting with Kenny at my Dad's. He flew in from Oregon and it was good seeing him again and he got to visit with his grandpa and Irene. But, although it was sad to say goodbye, we were very happy to leave the city life and headed for the Everglades. Now, that was awesome!!!!! We loved it. A must see in your lifetime if you haven't been there. Miles and miles of what looks like just fields of tall grass, but really are little waterways filled with wildlife. Got a close up look at the creatures there, and we had a really nice campsite as well. We move on down the coast and eventually booked a beautiful spot right on the water in Key Largo. Think we may have picked up sand fleas in the motorhome, but we sprayed and hope they aren't in the Carpet. They bite!

We drove the car down to Key West one day and man, what a place! The weather is to die for and the water is as aqua blue as you can ever imagine or capture in a photograph. We walked around and say Ernest Hemmingway's house (and cats), and other sites. But the most fun was having a Margarita in the middle of the day in Jimmy Blaggett's original "Margaritaville". We then sat by the warm sea for a long time and watched the pelicans and the terms dive for fish.

We are really impressed with the Guld side of Florida. I may pack up and come back and find a little spot to stay for the winter. The life is so wonderful here, especially for we older folk. Cheap in some cases, as well.

We will head out tomorrow up the the Golf Coast and then, boo-hoo, west and on our journey home to Salem. I miss you all, but frankly, I would stay in the warm weather forever. I may take Barb Largent's offer to come down there to Mexico and stay one day!!! Can you imagine her and I together for days and days??? We's have fun.

Please write us. We don't have e-mail very often around here, but when we do, we love hearning from you. Have taken about a 1000 pictures to share. We are fine and brown as berries from the tropical sun. Life is good, but so good to have you all as friends.

Love, Barb and Dick

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