Fall '07 travel blog

Bridal Veil Fall

Chapel Veiled in Sunrays

This is the view when walking out the front door of the...

The Infamous El Capitan

View on the way to Yosemite

Half Dome Framed

Rock Overhang Near Glacier Point

Merced River Walking Bridge

Nevada Fall

Royal Arches

Tunnel View of Yosemite Valley

Glacier Point View of Yosemite Valley

View from the floor of Yosemite Valley

More from the valley floor

Yosemite Falls (minus the water)

We're looking straight down here ... about 3000 feet

Washburn View ... Half Dome and east

Sun and Peaks

Another View of El Capitan

Enjoying the day

Finally got out of the Travis AFB area. We ended up being "under the weather" for a while ... both of us suffered from pretty significant colds ... so we had to "lay low" for a few days. Besides that, Bonnie took a pretty nasty fall while walking one day and hurt her right arm / elbow ... not a break, but must have been a pretty nasty sprain.

But ... we did enjoy Travis AFB in spite of all of that ... and did get back on the road. We set the trailer up at Mariposa CA for a couple of nights, and spent a full day at Yosemite Nat'l Park. As we've said so many times, "it just keeps getting better". Yosemite is breath taking, as the pics show.

Yosemite Valley is almost beyond words ... the scenery is spectacular ... the day was gorgeous ... and once again we were blessed to experience some of the wonders of this grand land.

Yosemite Nat'l Park is located within the Sierra Nevada range of mountains in eastern California. Did you know the Sierra Nevada mountains are one solid piece of granite hundreds of miles long and probably 50+ miles wide? I didn't ... now I do ... and now I know how beautiful they really are.

Hope you enjoy the pics as much as we enjoyed taking them and experiencing the beauty of Yosemite Nat'l Park.

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