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Two ancient wood gatherers

A sage dancing to her fire

Falls of Watkins Glen

Notice the heart carved by the water

The Narrows

From up high

Behind the falls

The old lighting system with colored film over the light canisters

The contrast of gorge and farm lands

Buttermilk Falls

Upper Falls

We are now in the Finger Lakes area of New York. This region was greatly impacted by the glaciers which carved out the 11 finger lakes. Watkins Glen is on Lake Seneca. This gorge had been a tourist attraction since 1863 and became a NY State park in 1906. So many, many people have enjoyed this place of deep chasms, waterfalls, numerous cascades. We surely enjoyed the peace and tranquility of this gorge while being immersed in the roar of falling water. Hiking consisted in what seemed much more going up than down.

Sunday was a slow paced day for us. We took easy walks, had a fire and read. Also belated Mother's Day to all the mothers reading this.

Buttermilk Falls was our next stop. This also a formation created by the glacier and the erosion of water over the years. The distinctive feature of this park is the falls. They do not fall through the air, but cascade and churn over rock resulting in a milky colored water flow. Again many steps up, up, up. (sucking air)

This entry is being made from the Wifi system in the Staples parking lot in Ithaca, NY. We will probably replenish our groceries, water and treats, then head on to Lake Cuyaga and more falls.

Since Seneca is also known for its many wineries we will visit one or two on the way.

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