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TR Guesthouse – My home in Sukhothai.

Mae Nam Yom – the Yom River.

Tuk Tuk – Sukhothai style.

Sukhothai Historical Park.

More from the Sukhothai Historical Park.

Temple in Sukhothai Historical Park

view over what once was the capital in Sukhothai kingdom.

Old Sukhothai.

Chedi with elephants.

One of many sitting Buddha images.

A standing Buddha for a change.

My driver

31 January.

After an early morning breakfast, it is time for me to checkout and leave Lampang. To begin with, my luck from earlier still resisted. Almost immediately I found a taxi, despite that the guesthouse is located in a very low trafficked area. At the bus station, the problems came. My intension to go to Phitsanulok, was not so easy. I was told that I could go to Phitsanulok, but the bus should take a much longer way. Then I decided to cut Phitsanulok from my list and go for Sukhothai instead. According to my book, there are not so much to see in Phitsanulok, but they have a very lively and fun evening and night market, which I would like to see. After all I just planned to stay one night there and then continue to Sukhothai. On my list of Sukhothai hotels or guesthouses, I hade noted down two, one very cheap and the second little bit expensive. I do remember when I wrote down the TR Guesthouse on the list, I was a little bit suspicious; it was too cheap to fit me. However the first stop the taxi made was at the TR Guesthouse and I had a look at the room. Clean, fresh and very basic is my summary over TR Guesthouse. I decide to stay there and the room prize is only 400 B. I cannot remember since I had a so cheap room, maybe up to twenty years ago. After that I had checked in, I just did what I always use to do, get a little bit familiar whit the neighbourhood, where is laundry, 7-Eleven, ATM-machine, other places of interest and so on.

1 February.

This day became very much rest and relaxes. The reason why, is that I became stomach sick rather urgently. Soon after I went to bed, I had to throw-up two times during the night. So I cancelled my plans for further excursions at least for temporary. Today’s activity I could only do near the guesthouse and with constant access to toilet.

2 February.

Feeling much better today, and after a visit to a pharmacy shop and after shopped some medicines, I feel ready to be a tourist again. Today’s agenda was a visit to Sukhothai Historical Park, a World Heritage Site. My earlier experiences of watching temples, tells me that it is very hot and cost me a lot of sweating, to walking around and watching all the temples. I have Angkor Wat in Cambodia in my mind. Because of my unsure stomach, I decided to do it so easy as possible for myself. I hired a taxi driver to take me around the Sukhothai Historical Park, I also let the driver to choose which temple to visit. The Park is about 2x2 kilometres big, but there are also more temples outside the park. However it was a very nice and interesting visit. The park was very well kept, calm and peaceful. The park also gives a glimpse over past history. The Sukhothai Kingdom, which means Raising of Happiness in Thai, flourished from the mid 13 century to late 14 century. After that the power moved away to Authaya. The park includes remains of 21 historical sites and four large ponds within the old walls, with an additional 70 sites within a 5 km radius. I am very sure that I took the right decision when I decided to let the taxi driver pick the sites to see and where to go.

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