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Enjoying the sunshine!!

You would think we would know what we are doing by now!!

Our creative boys and their green monky oranges

Little dog laid claim to my bed!

Julian and our little mascot


Hello there!



A little perspective

More zebra




Huluwe-umfoloza was a short distance from St. Lucia and we arrived at The Bush-baby Lodge just before noon. When got there we all jumped out to check out the site and we were greeted by two very friendly dogs that became permanent fixtures at our site for the next two days. The site was nice and we were all feeling a bit lazy and decided to hang out by the pool for the afternoon in the sunshine. As the sun began to set I went for a nice walk around the property through a beautiful meadow and of course the dogs came along. When I got back to the site it was already dark and the camp fire was roaring and dinner was being prepared. I didn't realize I had been traveling with such a creative bunch of guys, when I got back to the site I found they had all picked monkey oranges out of the trees, hollowed them and were carving designs in them. It was fun to watch them working so diligently on their masterpieces.

The next day we got up early and went on a game drive for the whole of the day. We saw quite a bit of game including a mama and baby white rhino, zebra, simago monkey, and several giraffe, one of which was practically on top of us. It would have been a great day but I was in Rupert (the green landy) and Chris was driving and by the end of it I was feeling very car sick. You see...Chris is rather fascinated by the world around him and while it is great to see someone with so much passion, his driving suffers for it. By the end of the drive I was a light shade of green and Charlie and Sarah were a bit uneasy as they were on either side of me and were concerned I was going to loose my lunch. We eventually made it back to camp and I curled up with a blanket and a bottle of water and did my best to recover. I vowed never to step foot in a car with Chris behind the wheel again!!! I eventually began to feel better again and went for a nice walk and a bush-baby hunt. We found lots of trees and a couple set of eyes, but nothing that really resembled a bush baby. It was nice to walk around a bit though.

The next morning we woke up early to break down camp. We said good-bye to our doggie friends and began our drive to the Drakensberg Mountains. Cathedral Peak here we come!!!

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