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Lee Checking Out The Bison Exhibit

Holographic Indian Chief Telling His Story

Holographic Cynthia Ann Parker


Holographic Josiah Wright Mooar

Holographic Randolph Barnes Marcy


Didn't Get a Good Holographic Image of Brett Johnson

Holographic Britt Johnson


Elizabeth Carter Clifton


Lee in the round multi-media theater at the end of the tour

Gee, I'm there too!

Pictures of the Pictographs at Paint Rock



The outside of Frontier Texas looked like a Fort


After looking at the internet for what to do in Abilene, Texas, we found Frontier Texas. The museum is unique in that it features life-sized holographic figures that tell the story of the Texas Frontier between the years of 1780 to 1880. There were also other exhibits and art in the museum. It was a really fun and informative experience. The story of Elizabeth Carter Clifton was enough to bring tears to your eyes. I believe she lost four husbands and all of them were murdered. She was also captured by Indians who killed two of her children. She and the one daughter that survived the indians were traded for goods with the indians but that was not the end of her problems. She lost her daughter after she had settled down with a new business and life was going well and she experienced another indian raid. It was just the most horrific tale I've heard. It matches the ones I've heard about during the Nazi's reign.

The other stories were also very interesting and it was fun to be listening to someone who lived back then even though we knew they were actors!

When we left the theater, there were posters about the Pictographs in Paint Rock, Texas. We tried to go over to see those when we were in San Angelo but once we got there we found out that it was by appointment only. It looks like it would be well worth getting an appointment to see it. The pictographs are on private property.

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