Into the sun 16/17 travel blog

Well after a week of a bit of every kind of weather except snow, it was time to move on down the road. As all have likely seen, California has been getting whacked with storm

after storm. Lots of snow in their mountains, and uncontainable amounts of rain. Lots of mudslides, roadways everywhere closed or completely awash in so much water, travel is impossible. It's been a learning experience doing the high desert this trip, some good, some bad, but weather has been the same pretty much wherever you are in S Cal this year. we originally were going to Needles but decided to go to Palm springs area to get out of the altitude. We had a visit with Gerry and Lyn last week, found a space at their park so here for a week before our next stop. Park is on the San Andreas fault line so the 3 spas and pool are all heated by underground springs, nice and warm for sure. As we were descending down the mountain today seen lots of mud on hiway from the rains, and even had about a 5 mile detour where they had not cleared the road of mud from last down pours. Governor has even declared that the drought is over. Still have not got the shorts and sandals out yet but I feel the time is nigh. Hopefully. Finally seeing lots of fellow Canadians in this park, previous parks not so much. Had a great bowl of Tortilla soup tonight, yum. Bout it for tonite folks, still laughing about a sign we saw in 29 Palms, due to its closeness to a very large USMC base, lots of fast foods, tattoo parlors and barbers. One stood out tho, it said "Combat Barber, High and Tight, while you wait. Take care all, see it is warming up on the island, enjoy and see you down the road.

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