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Today was a relaxed and catch-up day. We worked on journaling all morning, and ate lunch at home.

Relaxed is a relative term, however. After lunch we took a 'long way around' walk back across our bridge and to the Duomo Museum. Once again we took the short walk back to the Duomo, but not for the interior. Rather, we went to look at the Baptistry, the Bell Tower (just outside, we're not into the sport of "Ascending stair mountain climbing"), and finally the Duomo Museum. While we're not particularly excited about museums we were shocked by two things in the Duomo Museum. This rather new building holds the original gold-covered bronze doors that at one time were part of the Duomo. They are famous as some of the first sculptures that are three dimensional. The thin covering of gold is extremely thin, but brings this amazing sense of 'living into' the beautiful gates. Michelangelo was attributed the sculpture. This museum also has a floor dedicated to the building of the Duomo. There is a large display showing implements used in raising the pieces of wood to top of the dome. We saw a video on the construction of the dome & a replica of the Duomo floor. We are so very glad we decided to check out the museum. The amazing thing was, there were very few people in it. It was great to not be moved along with the crowd.

We wandered among what seemed like miles of vendor booths and finally reached the Mercato Centrale. We were disappointed that this large indoor market was closed, but the food court on the second floor was open, and we had fun trying to identify the many parts of a beef, had a snack (Jim a gelato that was good, Karen had a zucchini pizza that was terrible} then went home for more journaling and a good nap.

Tonight was date night. We made reservations at the Osteria Santo Spirito on our hostess's recommendation. It was a lovely night to dine outside. There are restaurants lining the perimeter of Santo Spirito It is a very "Italian" feel. Jim had pasta stuffed with ground walnuts in a light cream walnut sauce & Karen had large rigatoni with tomatoes & hard ricotta cheese. Both dishes were very good. We each took half home for another night. We had to save room for our gelato! Tonight we both had salted peanut gelato. It was peanuts in peanut butter gelato-right down Karen's alley! We were sufficiently full and tired.

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