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The next stage of our trip: South-East Asia. We've been looking forward to this bit for a while, and the idea of flying into Bali seemed a bit unreal. The diagrams of how to sit on a western loo in the airport toilets, always accompanied by footprints on the seats of said loos (suggesting that the diagrams weren't being completely understood!) amused us. Unfortunately Kuta, our first taste of Bali, didn't. We arrived there at 1am (the flight from Sydney took 13 hours in the end cos we went via Melbourne where we had the opportunity to become fully acquainted with the airport while they changed the plane's tyres!) and Kuta was fully awake, with lots of half-naked tourists stumbling about. Finding anywhere to stay cheaply was impossible, so we spent the rest of the night in a bar with 3 other bedless backpackers :). At dawn, we wandered down to the beach, and settled amongst the litter to watch the crowd till a travel office opened at 7:30am and we could sort out our escape! By 9.30am we were on our way to Lombok via bus and ferry (we still hadn't slept, and Tara discovered that dozing off on Indonesian buses results in bruising cos you can't help bumping your head!). We quite liked Padangbai, where we had a quick lunch between the bus and ferry - it has a lovely relaxed atmosphere, and the lunch was delicious - no complaints about Indonesian food!

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