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Flowerpot Rocks, Bay of Fundy at low tide

Bay of Fundy at low tide

It's amazing how some of these rocks can sustain such large trees

There are different shapes everywhere

Bay of Fundy at high tide

The Flowerpot Rocks at high tide

I think anyone who has seen the incredible tides at Derby or Broome, wants to come to the Bay of Fundy. Derby & Broome’s tides are some of the largest in the world but on any list, the Bay of Fundy tides towers above anything else.

Derby’s tides, which are the highest in Australia, are in the 11 metre range but the Bay of Fundy’s tides reach 16 metres. The Hopewell Rocks which is one of the most dramatic places to witness the Bay of Fundy tides is only 35 km from Moncton so that’s where I went today.

Low tide was at 8:56am so I had an early start but got there at 9:00am and had the chance to walk along the beach, with lots & lots of other people, among what they call the Flowerpot Rocks, at low tide. You can walk on the beach for 3 hours before & after the low tide, & after I watched the tide turn, it comes in so fast you can see it engulfing landmark rocks. After a couple of hours, I went back to the motorhome for a while then came back to see the landscape transformed at high tide.

According to the Interpretive Centre information, 100 billion tons of water flow in & out of the Bay of Fundy twice every 25 hours. That’s a lot of energy but so far I haven’t seen any indication that it’s being harnessed. I wonder why?

I had new neighbours when I got back to the campground – 3 couples from Montreal, & they’d just finished a trip around Newfoundland so I was able to pick up lots of valuable information about roads, campgrounds & what to see.

Today was the first time I’ve encountered such hordes of people, especially busloads of Asians, maybe Japanese, maybe Chinese, I don’t know but it’s reinforced my decision to skip through Nova Scotia for now & head to Newfoundland where I’m told it’s a lot less crowded.

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