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Saying goodbye, our daughter Jess, Rylee and Cayden

Country around Sheridan Wy is very nice.

We stayed at Terry's Bison Ranch and these were some of the...

There is also at least one yak as you can see.

There are lots of things to do here, take a ride on...

Several deer running wild through the pastures.

They even had some camels here, no idea why.

At dusk, this herd of elk came wandering through.

Day 127, Wednesday, August 29, 2012

We got up at 6:30 so we could say goodbye to Jess and the kids before they went to school. As we loaded on the car (during which Rob tweaked his back), there were four more deer wandering down the street and into yards. We got a good early start but lost it when we had to sit and wait at some road construction for a half hour. Right outside of town we saw a few wild turkeys near the road. We went south through Billings (for the 6th time). Usually we see a lot of antelope along the way but until this time we hadn’t seen any. Just as I said something to Rob about it, I spotted a buck on a hill. We saw a bunch more antelope and deer (and over a dozen dead ones along the road) passing through Montana and Wyoming. We stopped just south of Sheridan for lunch. The town is situated in the Goose River Valley in a very pretty spot. Winter must be tough though. Anyplace that has drift fences along the highway is not a place to spend the winter.

We had plenty of gas when we left Sheridan but hills and a strong headwind sucked up all our mileage. We literally coasted into Casper on fumes. I was having words with our guardian angels and they pulled through for us. Wyoming is so much drier than it was coming through in May. And it’s hot. Roundup is tying records for heat at 98 degrees. Denver broke a record today that has stood for 112 years. I guess Mother Nature is trying to get us ready for Phoenix.

It was a long drive (512 miles) but we made it all the way through Wyoming to Cheyenne, just north of the Colorado border. We are staying at the Terry Bison Ranch, which is a real, working bison ranch. As we pulled in, we could see a herd of buffalo out in the pasture. Then we saw something totally unexpected. There are four camels in a corral right before the RV Park. Camels in Wyoming. Really? The ranch has a trading post, a restaurant, train rides through the buffalo herds, and a lot of other stuff. Too bad we don’t have more time to stay. After we got settled and ate dinner, I walked out to the fence around the pasture to look at the buffalo. I spotted something else big and dark and hairy. There was one yak out there with them. As I was standing there, a doe and her spotted fawn came along the fence toward me, then veered off into the bushes when she saw me move. An hour later, we saw more movement out there. It was a big herd of over 100 head of elk moving in single file past the ranch. We hit the wildlife jackpot here. Pretty cool.

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