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Leaving Dompu was no easier than being there had been, and after an hour or so sitting by the side of the road at a little food stall that the ojek (motorbike) drivers assured us was the bus terminal we needed, we gave up and paid a truck driver to take us to Lakey beach, a remote surfers' destination very near to Hu'u. The truck was cheaper than a bus would have been, and had the advantage of lots of modelling opportunities for Tara (who sat in the front being filmed and photographed by the driver's friend), and sunbathing opportunities for Da and Olivier (who sat in the back of the truck) :).

We found a lovely place to stay the night by the beach, with a pool and table tennis and clean sheets and even a very welcome shower (still cold, but much easier to wash your hair with than scooping water out of a bucket!). Lakey is a very strange place - so isolated, but populated mostly by half-naked Australians with surfboards! We liked it so much that we decided to stay another night, while Olivier went on to Flores ahead of us. We moved to a cheaper little bungalow further down the beach, where we had snakes instead of the pool and table tennis! (we each found one nestled by our bags in the morning!), and spent a very relaxing day doing very, very little.

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