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Guess this will be filed in “It is always something file”. Emily and her Mother drove from Alabama last week and arrived last Thursday. She had a few spots on the back of her legs that had been there since she went to a convention June 25th. She thought that it was a bug bite.

Went to a clinic last Friday and the PA said she thought that it was a spider bite. Did a culture and Monday we went back as it had really gotten worse over the weekend and spread. The culture said it was Staph Infection (Staphylococcus Aureus). We got some high power meds and in 24 hours she seems to be better. She has to stay out of the sun and use care not to spread it.

Emily was staying at the parents of her friend’s house. We thought it best that she come stay with me and I do the clinic care, as this stuff is contagious.

She is taking showers using three wash clothes and three towels and then I go and wash them in hot water. PA said she should show an improvement in four to 7 days.

Need your prayers, for Emily and for Me. She has pretty much lived by herself for the past fours years in College and being locked up in a 20 Ft Travel trailer with her Pop is I am sure not one of her favorite things.

I now am planning on leaving Saturday or later next week to head east. Seems like no matter where I go I end up running a Clinic.

See you next stop

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