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The falls from zambia side

Vic Falls-Zambia side,Tony on the edge

Vic Falls-Zambia side

Vic Falls-Zambia side, The bridge

Vic falls-Zambia side, Rainbow

Vic falls-Zambia side, Getting soaked

Vic falls-Zambia side, Getting soaked

Vic falls-Zambia side, Rainbow

Today started in slight panic as when I (nancy writing at mo) went to charge digital camera batterys the new charger i got in london would not work.... to cut long story short took it to electrical shop (tiny place did not hold out much hope) and he fixed it stuck a screw driver in and pulled prongs up phew..... only 3 weeks in and no camera i was getting into a state!!!! so drama over and batteries on to charge, we were off to Zambia for the day, mostly to see the Falls from that side but also to get US dollars, you cannot get them anywhere in Zim (well not officially anyway) so another hot walk between borders and over the victoria falls bridge (oh and a quick cheeky walk thru victoria falls hotel, way way out of our league!!! im sure they could tell by the state of us we were not staying there but they were too polite to say anything..) so back to border and crossing bridge, amazing views again and no problems at borders, but again ripped off with taxis we are getting good at just jumping on the back of pickups or cramming into the local mini vans (dont worry mums it is safe and we only do it if there are other people around) but at border crossings you dont have much choice.. Livingstone was not much really but at least we got US dollars (after steep commission) but again no choice (and trust me tony checked out all the banks for the best rate!!)We did not really get to spend enough time here to give much comment on it but there is certainly a lot more food in shops than on the zim side!!

Ok im rambling and time is running out still days to go so, short story of rest of day

we went to the falls on zambia side, i liked this better we could see more as the spray was not so intense (the water is flowing so strong at moment so much rain) we got drenched just from the spray, lucky we had the ponchos from glastonbury last year which saved the cameras from drowning...

so after taking way to many photos we returned to Zim, went to a place called 'boma' for dinner (full of tourists) but well worth it, blew our budget but the food and entertainment was great, normally these things are a bit cheesy but this was fab, got to eat all the wildlife we had been seeing recently (guilt ridden but boy does warthog taste good!!). Meal actually cost 8 million dollars - by far and away the most expensive meal we will ever have!!! That is Zim dollars by the way!

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