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Getting in numerical rows and preparing to board the Malaspina to Haines,...

The Malaspina is the same vessel we were on while traveling to...

Kiki, patinetly waiting in the back seat of the Jeep; she would...

It was the most beautiful day, so far, on this wise!

Leaving the port of Juneau...June 29th

Departing from Juneau; Jacob on the stern of the Malaspina; the Mendendhall...

The skies were blue, the water was blue....awesome!

Mendenhall Valley, near Auke Bay with the glacier behind us

The starboard side of the Malaspina with the rescue dinghy

Bob, soaking up the sun and the beauty

Deb, on the bow; hairspray doesn't hold well, anywhere aboard!

A moment together!

The very bow, not accessable

Our very last glimpse of Mendenhall Glacier

Heading north to Haines, up the Lynn Canal

The sun deck on the top of the ferry

The Inside Passage glistened the entire trip

Jacob, on the port side, play guitar while on one of the...

An island with another glacier in the background

Almost appears to have truck tracks running down the glacier

Yet another mountain yelling at me..."take my photo"

More beauty than the eye can behold!

Another angle off the ferry

Jakes guitar agains the gorgeous backdrop of sky and water

Enjoying the music!

One of my many 186 photos at every angle I could see...through...

Larry & Darlene, enjoying the view, the sky and the water

Rob, soaking up the sun!

The silhouettes of the boys against the sky

Dar, Rob, and Jake heading down the outside stair to the lower...

Deb...putting my camera down...Bob picking it up!

Bob and Rob

Coming into Haines....aprroximately 9:30 at night

3>June 29th, Sunday. Bob and Larry we in town by 9:00 chasing down alternator parts and whatever else that was necessary to get the “Jungle Cruiser” back on the road and at the ferry dock by 3:00 p.m. for our last leg of our marine voyage. Time went quickly, but we did notice and enjoyed that the sun was shining in Juneau. I liked Juneau as it was the largest town in Alaska that we had visited, so far. It was actually the largest town we had been in for several weeks, since Calgary, Alberta. The city was 12 miles away, the Auke Bay, and Mendenhall Valley were our immediate neighbors. It offered a Walmart store, a Home Depot, and Costcos. (Larry loves Costcos). The downtown area was very small, a few streets that were lined with bars, restaurants, and gift shop after gift shop. They named Juneau, a small version of San Francisco. I could see why, somewhat! The streets were rolling with hills, the town was brightly colored and dotted with charming B&B’s and lovely single family homes that were decorated on the outside with rows of perennial flower beds. The long days did wonders for the gardens and flowers.

Getting back to Larry’s alternator issues, he found the needed parts, and fixed her up, once again for the road ahead of us. Even though the road was only a few miles to the ferry, the GMC was fine…at least for the ride on the Malaspina up to Haines, Alaska. We boarded the vessel, with what seemed to be full of the 88 vehicles that she could hold. Our last leg of the marine journey, was totally beautiful…for the sun was shining, the skies were blue, and the winds were light. The next 4.5 hours were extremely pleasant; taking in as many photo opportunities as possible. I had my S1 Pro Fuji camera aboard, and ended up with 186 photos. Each mountain yelled out to me….”look at me, look at ME! Take my photo...take my picture! And I did! The peaks were snow capped, the waters were flat! The reflections were like God had placed mirrors on the waters as to reflect back to the mountains, and visa versa. The air was still cool, but the sun was like we were much farther south, in the Keys, perhaps! We saw Orca whales as they blew for air, farther out in the Lynn Canal. We spotted Sea Otters as they played and watched the ship go by. Fishermen were as plentiful as the sun! As we arrived in Haines, the sun was still in the sky, however slightly setting over the immediate mountain range; it was 9:30 in the evening. We chose not to make reservations in Haines, so Jacob and I headed off with the Jeep to pick out where we where to camp for that night, and a few more. We picked on Haines Hitch-Up RV Park; a great choice….it offered real grass, impeccable cleanliness, nice picnic tables and plenty of room between each vehicle. We did not plan on four consecutive nights in Haines, however Larry needed new air bags for his GMC suspension and the US mail service is not very quick like in this small town of 2300 folks.

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