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Wallace ID Main St

Wallace ID street scene

Wallace Window Gardens on the Second Floor

Old Barn with Snow roof

It is amazing all the things you can get out when you stay in one spot for a while!! Judie went for a massage in the morning to help loosen her neck and Ed started packing things away after a little consulting work. Tom came to say good by and we hit the road about noon.

We travelled I-90 West from Missoula and stopped for lunch in a teeny-tiny mining town, The cafes cheeseburgers were great, and they took so long to prepare that we got a pretty good feel for the people of the town. The kids in school across the road were in recess, fun to watch. Quaint spot, would do it again.

Saw a lot of Clark's Fork River before we climbed the mountains. Stopped in Wallace, ID, which 'made it's name' as the biggest Silver mining town in ID. They have tried to preserve the old character of Wallace.

The four-wheeler ATV's are driven on the street like cars all throughout this area... good for snow and economics, I guess..

We stopped for the night in Post Falls Id, which is just West of Coeur d'Alene. Stopped early so we could do our weekly grocery shopping. We stayed in a RV park where we wouldn't stay again. It's located across from a truck stop, enough said.

We were able to contact Heather, an old friend (actually, a young friend we've known for most of her life) and visit with her for an hour. She works at Cabela's so we met her there before her shift. Nice to catch up with her and her family. We both really enjoyed the visit with her.

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