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Chakungrao Riverview Hotel – My home in Kampheang Phet.

Mae Nam Ping – Ping River. The same river as in Chiang...

3 February.

After an early checkout from TR Guesthouse and taxi transport to Sukhothai bus station. I had a little bit luck to get a ticket to Kampheang Phet bus, which departed short time after. In Kampheang Phet, I had 3 hotel/guesthouses which I had piced before, I choose to go for the more expensive Chakungrao Riverview Hotel (1000 B). I got a great room, probably the nicest room I had on this trip. But there was one catch; I could only have the room for one night. That mend that I had to quickly decide what to do: 1 Stay the night and day after look for a new hotel, 2 directly after check in, take a quick sightseeing and day after continue my travel. The result became, I decided to stay the night and skip the sightseeing. Just like Sukhothai, Kampheang Phet also have a Historical Park, which also is a World Heritage Site. I felt that it very much would be a repeat of what I already seen in Sukhothai. In the afternoon I made a walk in the neighbourhood of the hotel, but I did not find anything of interest. In the evening I had dinner at the hotel.

Kampheang Phet means in Thai “Diamond wall” a reference to the apparent strength of this formerly walled city’s protective barrier. Kampheang Phet was an important defence line against attacking Burmese armies for many centuries.

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